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The Value of Life Lessons

This year vow not to:

o Drop off lunch

o Bring in homework left at home

o Drop sports gear

o Do your child’s homework for them

o Pick out your child’s clothing

While this may initially feel harsh, it turns out these examples are great opportunities to teach your child about responsibility and develop a lifelong skill of self-reliance. Teaching these skills will also foster your child’s self-esteem and is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give their child.

Allowing your child to suffer natural consequences of their actions – or inactions, on small stake items teaches them to learn from their mistakes and shows they are capable. While it may be easier to swoop in and take care of missing lunch, etc., opportunities like this give our children an occasion to problem solve and by association will increase their confidence. Feel free to let your teacher or coach know your son or daughter maybe missing homework or a piece of sports equipment and explain you’re working on building your child’s skill set. We haven’t met a teacher or coach that won’t be encouraging.

No doubt there will be growing pains or uncomfortable feelings for both you and your child. It may take more time when you change established patterns but playing the long game, you’ll create an independent self-reliant person. Their teachers, teammates, coaches, employers, and future partner will thank you.


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