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We often receive notes of thanks and gratitude, a reflection of the high standards of compassion, professionalism and knowledge we dedicate to every child.


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Happy Family in the Park

"Our special needs family"

"A real partner to us"

Autism, kid looking far away without interesting

"Words can't express"


"Worth every cent"

"A calm in my storm"

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"Life changing!"

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There are more than 18 diagnoses within our special needs family. We have used Christine Riley/Cape Cod Advocate since 2012. She has been extremely influential in protecting our children, fighting for their rights and advocating for the best outcome. 


Christine helped transition an existing IEP from out of state for one child and guided us through developing a new IEP for another child. She also helped us navigate the difficult and emotional process of a residential placement.


We worked with Christine across multiple school districts where she demonstrated a great depth and breath of relationships and knowledge that facilitated development and execution of IEPs for our children. She’s referred us to other professionals as the needs arise and is a wealth of information.


Christine has been instrumental in the educational success and emotional wellbeing of our family. Without her, we could not have successfully dealt with the many challenges of securing the appropriate educational resources and accommodations for our family.  


Parents of 10-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter

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It has been a pleasure working with Christine as she has been extremely helpful guiding us through our daughters' educational plans. It is not always easy as a parent to go through this, however Christine has been a real partner for my husband and I


Parents of 16-year-old daughter

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My daughter was struggling in school and I was not getting anywhere with her school system. I contacted Cape Cod Advocates and worked with Tina Qvarnstrom on getting the proper help that my daughter needed. Cape Cod Advocates are professionals at getting what your kids need from their schools. The time and money that was invested in helping my daughter was worth every cent.

Mother of 12-year old daughter


Words cannot adequately express our gratitude for all that you have done to assist us advocating for our son!  Your wisdom, grace and diplomacy made one of our most challenging scenarios as his parents feel, not like a burden, but rather a quest for what’s fair and deserving.


Parents of 8-year-old son

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I recently had the pleasure of working with Michel and was beyond impressed by her professionalism and guidance. She worked tirelessly to help me navigate the complicated school system to ensure that my daughter's needs were met in the best way possible.   


Michel was so patient with my many questions and offered perspectives that I would not have considered on my own. Michel's services were a worthwhile investment in my daughter's future and I would highly recommend her.  I truly felt that she was invested in the best possible outcome for my family!

Mother of 7-year-old daughter

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 Since our first phone conversation, I knew Christine Riley was going to change our son’s life!  She has been a strong and dynamic guiding light for us with her knowledge of special education, her empathy for her client and her passion for the rights of the child who struggles in the typical classroom.  Christine is and always has been respectful of our questions and concerns throughout the ongoing process.  Going into an IEP meeting is always stressful for me and just knowing she is there and on our side, is always such a comfort.  We would strongly recommend Cape Cod Advocate!  Life Changing!

Parents  of 12-year-old son



My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD, mood disorder and sensory issues when she was 6 years old.  She had issues with angry outbursts, talking out of turn, not being able to sit still, and many other issues that would impact her on a daily basis.

I tried working with the school to the best of my ability with no luck.  When Tina got involved I started to have hope again, she is very knowledgeable and knows how to navigate through the system. She was always there to answer even the silliest of questions and to help me become a better advocate for my daughter. Now my daughter actually likes going to school. It wasn’t a quick or easy road to take but with Tina’s patience and expertise we did it.  By no means is this journey over but I trust Tina with my daughter’s future and with her guidance I know that my daughter will make it to be a successful student.  Tina has been the calm in my storm and for anyone who has a child with special needs you know what a rarity that is!

Mother of 9-year-old daughter


We worked with Tina  to help us with our son’s academic placement. Her insight and experience was a huge help as we had an ongoing dialogue with our school district. Her involvement and participation in our team meetings was critical to receiving an out of district placement for our son. She kept us organized and to the point during a long, emotional process with our school district. Without Tina’s support, we would not have been successful on receiving a placement for our son.  He needed a proper peer group, a team to believe in his learning capabilities and a program that would help him thrive in his middle school and high school years. She helped our family meet our goals.  She was a great advocate for us, and has become a very good friend.

Parents  of 13-year-old son

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