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Parent Input on Progress Reports

IDEA requires periodic reporting on a child’s IEP goals to ensure that the individualized program that the Team created is actually effective or whether adjustments to services may be needed. Progress reports are that mechanism and are to be issued with the same frequency as reports cards. Although school buildings have been closed due to COVID 19, the school personnel are still required to report out on each child’s IEP goals. Right now, your child’s special educator and service providers are busy gathering this information and are beginning to write up those summaries. Now is the time to voice your concerns. Consider writing a quick narrative of your experience, as you have a unique opportunity to provide first-hand information on your child’s remote learning experience.

The narrative doesn’t have to be long or drawn out and certainly don’t over exaggerate. Keeping it factual will go a long way in your creditability. Perhaps your child’s teacher previously reported your child could read and understand grade level material, but you’re seeing something different. Now’s the time to provide this information. The ultimate objective for IEP services is for a child to learn a skill and generalize it across all environments. Keep that in mind as you write your “report to the team”. Once written, share with your Team and ask that this information be incorporated into their progress reports. Not only will this information be valuable now, it will have an even greater importance when school resumes.

If you need help, give us a call. We’re happy to assist you!


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