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It takes a village--remember to thank them all

Paper, pen and sincere words of gratitude.

That’s all you need to capture the heart of a teacher or service provider at the end of the school year.

“We truly hold on to every note, card and email we receive. If parents only knew how much such small gestures mean to teachers!” says one high school teacher, a 30-year veteran.

Such notes of gratitude are everlasting, a forever gift that they can reread at a later time when feeling down, underappreciated or overworked.

Of course, educators appreciate any form or thanks--gift cards, baskets of goodies and thoughtful remembrances from the students. Overwhelmingly, though, informal studies show that it truly is the thought that counts--the thoughts parents and students put into words on paper or in an email.

And remember to include the often forgotten service providers who play such an essential role as part of your child's special education team!

These are the Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Guidance Counselors and others who provide essential services that help your child live school life more fully. They often go unnoticed during the giddy days of year’s end because they don't have a regular classroom of students.

Instead, they serve a caseload of special needs students from a variety of classrooms.

So, perhaps take a moment and think about writing your child's service providers a forever gift, or showing any sign of appreciation that lets them know they made a difference in your child’s life.

Teachers and service providers don’t enter the profession to gain traditional material rewards, like high pay, bonuses or company cars. But their value to parents, students and society as a whole is awe-inspiring.

They are shaping future generations. Their influence will last forever.

Let us take this opportunity to thank all of the many service providers, staff members, teachers and administrators who have helped us to help our clients achieve the best and most appropriate education possible.

In the end, the beneficiaries are our students and children. Nothing could be more rewarding than that!

Have a wonderful summer. See you on the beach!

Cape Cod Advocate has guided hundreds of families through the education process for students of all ages with learning challenges and disabilities. Our expertise with IEPs, 504s and education law means we can take the time to truly focus on each child's unique needs. This expert, personal service has been the hallmark of Cape Cod Advocate since its inception in 2005. Our clients have come to us primarily from referrals by other parents, school staff and professionals in related fields. We focus on Cape Cod and the Islands.

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